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Injured at Work: What You Need to Know

Physiotherapy North York - P&C Rehab Services for Rehabilitation | Injured at Work: What You Need to KnowAccording to the Government of Canada’s Labour Program, on average, one out of fifteen people are involved in an accident at work, which results in personal injuries. Employers do their best to help provide healthy and safe working environments. Unfortunately, it is impossible to plan for every type of situation that could result in an accident. The best employers can do is to educate their employees on safe working practices as a means to help reduce on-the-job injuries.

Steps to Take if Injured at Work

Employees have specific responsibilities should they experience an injury at work. It is in your best interests to review your workplace practices and policies on a regular basis to ensure you fully understand the processes and procedures for filing a claim to receive benefits under WSIB.

Step 1 Notify Your Supervisor

It is your responsibility to report the accident to your immediate supervisor. If they are unavailable, notify either their manager or your human resource department. Your employer will need to obtain details about what occurred and how you were injured. In addition, they will provide you with vital information for seeking medical treatment. However, in the case of a serious injury, seek medical care first, then worry about filing a report afterwards.

Step 2 Seek Medical Treatment

After sustaining an injury, the most important thing is to have the injury treated. Sometimes this might involve receiving first aid to bandage a wound and other times, it could require visiting a doctor or hospital for more serious injuries. Failing to seek medical treatment could result in issues with being able to file a claim through your employer.

Step 3 Choose a Healthcare Provider

Canadian law allows for employees to choose their own doctor for treatment of their injuries, like our physiotherapy clinic in North York. It is essential to select the most appropriate doctor or healthcare provider. If you want to change providers, you will have to submit justification and wait for the WSIB board to approve your request.

Step 4 Complete All Required Care and Treatment

Some types of injuries could require rehabilitation before you are fully healed and released from care. Even if you are feeling better, you need to follow the recommendations of your doctor including any work restrictions they might impose. Never resume your full work duties until your doctor has determined it is safe to do so.

Do I Have to Report Minor Injuries?

In certain situations, you might experience a minor injury you may not deem worth reporting as a workplace injury. However, failing to report even minor injuries could have long term consequences and could become more serious, so it is always in your best interests to still report minor injuries.

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