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Why Physiotherapy Is Important After a Car Accident

Physiotherapy North York - P&C Rehab Services for Rehabilitation | Why Physiotherapy Is Important After a Car AccidentWhen you are involved in a car accident, there are several factors at work, which can cause the body to sustain injuries. To being with, when you combine a moving vehicle with another moving vehicle or a stationary object, there are physical forces at work, most notably G-forces from the impact.

G-forces cause variations in the weight of people and objects inside the vehicle and how damaged is sustained. Did you know that in some accidents, the G-forces can alter a person’s body weight, so that the person seems like they weigh a thousand pounds or more? Knowing that, consider what would occur if a thousand pound object was tossed around inside your vehicle, like a person in the back seat not wearing their seat belt. Furthermore, even if wearing your seat belt, the G-forces are still a factor, altering the forces of impacts against air bags, steering wheels and head rests.

Another factor at work during a car accident is the release of adrenaline by the body’s “flight or fight” response system. With an increase in adrenaline, it helps shield the body from pain and discomfort. In some cases, people report they feel fine after a severe car accident, not realizing they actually were injured, simply due to the adrenaline masking the pain. This is why someone might notice pain, soreness, and discomfort a day or two after the initial car accident, after the adrenaline levels within the body return to normal.

If you have been involved in a car accident, regardless of the severity, it is always in your best interests to seek treatment from a qualified healthcare provider, like a physiotherapist in North York. Your physiotherapist is able to conduct a thorough examination to determine whether there were injuries from the car accident and prescribe the proper rehabilitative treatments. In addition, your vehicle insurance covers the costs of medical treatments after being involved in a car accident, so you do not have to worry about unexpected medical bills.

Failing to seek treatment can have serious long term effects long after the accident. The soreness, pain, and discomfort you experience could indicate a severe injury that will not simply go away in a few weeks. Next, once your body has been injured in a specific location, like the lower back or neck, it can be a precursor to potential future injuries since this area of the body has been weakened and not properly treated. You could even experience ongoing medical problems, like chronic neck or back pain.

Physiotherapy is beneficial because it involves a detailed assessment of your body and potential injury locations. Your physiotherapy clinic will also take care of preparing the report required for your insurance, along with a detailed treatment plan using a variety of treatment methods, including:

• Exercises
• Education
• Acupuncture
 Massage Therapy
• Heat/Ice
• Ultrasound
• Chiropractic Care, and More!

If you have been involved in an auto accident, regardless of fault, schedule an appointment at P&C Rehabilitation Services by phoning 416-652-6223 today!